Getting Started

Purchase the Figma File 🔨

If you're working with a team, using Figma is an effective way to concept your designs before moving them into Webflow.
We have created a working file that exactly matches the Webflow Template, with pre-defined styles and an easy working environment.
Easily edit the vectors, add your own UI and content for easy production.

You can purchase the professional Figma version from our website.
👉Felix Figma is available for only $24.99
You can purchase figma files directly from flowbase and download the files ready to use. These files are professionally built and include all the latest figma features.

Editing the Symbols

Felix is built using a symbol based approach. Easily add and remove symbols from pages, edit them directly to apply changes across all of instances, or right click and disconnect the symbol for something more custom.

You can think of this like lego, with building blocks (symbols) that you can connect and match around on various pages. All the symbols can be viewed across the section pages, you can simply disconnect the symbol at anytime to start making edits.

Learn more about symbols in a few minutes here -

Remove the page loader.

You can remove the page loader by simply deleting the symbol 'loader' from your page. 
It is also best practise to remove the page trigger called 'Page Load Animation'

Editing Interactions

Felix uses a very simple approach to interactions. For most sections, we have a simple scroll into view interaction that is attached to an element. This can be easily removed or edited.

You can view all the interactions and easily edit them on the interactions page inside your page panel. We've made it so simple to edit, just take a few minutes to understand the premise.

Dealing with Unused Pages

Not sure how to best deploy Felix for the real world?

Well... firstly, you can duplicate Felix and keep a backup copy with all the original content. Yup, now if you ever want to revert or keep access to pages you can! You can also just save any unused pages to drafts and keep them handy later.