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SEO Crawler

Googlebot Visit Simulation & In-Depth KPI Analysis

  • We crawl any size website, just like the search engines
  • Automatic crawl scheduling
  • Auditing
  • Report sent directly to your mailbox.
  • Powerful filtering helps you find the needle in the haystack.
SaaS Crawler for SEO

SEO Log File Analyzer

Log File Analysis & Googlebot tracking

  • Monitor Googlebot visits to your website and check Crawl Budget spending against budget
  • Check in detail what is harming your website:
    • Old redirects from former website
    • Hidden errors
    • Spider traps
    • Orphan pages
SaaS Log File Analysis for SEO

Email Alert

Receive an email as soon as something changes

  • Set up pre-defined rules to be alerted of any changes
  • Add your own rules and be notified of a status change. For example:
    • A change in title
    • Duplicate content
    • The TTFB has increased
    • Change in original configuration
Alert for SEO

Crawl Comparison

Compare two crawls and analyze changes in status

  • What has changed on a website between today and last week? Kelogs tells you:
    • Any URL changes
    • Changes in Title, Meta Description, or H1
    • Changes in Page Load Speed
    • Which pages are now deeper or not indexable
Comparison of website version

Website History Navigator

Check website changes over a 3-monthly period

  • All HTTP headers
  • Duplicate content increase check
  • Check for TTFB increases over a set period
  • Canonical tag handling
Website history filter

How Kelogs helps you in your daily routines?

Thin Content Identification

Spot pages containing only few words in one click.

Duplicate Content Eradication

Receive an alert as soon as content is duplicated.

Load Time Monitoring

Increase your visibility by reducing the weight of the pages, and the Time To First Byte.

Redirection 301 and 302 identification

Quickly spot redirected pages and redirect chains.

Brocken Links Detection

View list of pages answering with a status 404 and easily identify their internal links.

Error Server Alert

Error 500, 503, etc. Add alerts and respond swiftly before it damages your ranking.

Crawl Budget Optimization

Make sure Googlebot goes only where you want it to go.

Internal linking

Identify “high potential” pages not visible enough in the website structure.

Indexation Issue Finder

Easily spot pages that are not indexable and with URL canonical issues.

Audit & Improvement Prioritization

Connect Google Analytics to sort, filter and prioritize optimizations by sales and traffic.

SERP CTR optimization

Combine Search Console data to focus on title and meta description with low CTR and high potential of traffic.

Email summary

The top KPI evolution is sent to your email each time a crawl is done.

Pricing & Plans

All Plans 100K 500K 1000K 2000K 20000K 20000K+
$24.9 / month
$249 / year
$69 / month
$690 / year
$99 / month
$990 / year
$159 / month
$1590 / year
$1490 / month
$14900 / year
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SEO Crawler
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Brocken links reports
Simultaneous crawl
Fixed IP address
Scraping by XPath
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SEO Monitoring
Crawl Schedule
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Report & Alert by email
Customized email alert
SEO Log Analytics
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SEO Data Crunching
Export CSV & Excel
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